Department of Mathematics "G.Peano"

University of Torino

Via Carlo Alberto 10, 10123, Torino, Italy

Tel: +390116702862 Fax: +390116702878

elvira dot dinardo at unito dot it

Skype: elvira.di.nardo

Research interest

Former research interest has focused on computational probability and statistics with particular regard to simulations of stochastic processes via Monte Carlo methods, also on parallel systems, and the study of their statistics as the first passage time. These statistics have been analyzed also by developing ad hoc numerical routines to solve integral equations involving special pdf's. Current research involves development and applications of symbolic and combinatorial methods in probability and statistics. Fuzzy methods for decision makers.


Undergraduate courses of probability and statistics for mathematicians, computer scientists, engineerings and biologists. Advanced courses of probability and statistics for Masters and PhD. Some experience with numerical analysis and calculus..

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